The “Internet of Energy” of Things discussions at the All-Energy 2017 Exhibition and Conference at Melbourne, October 11-12.

This year’s All-Energy Australia 2017 event was well attended with over 120 exhibitors, 160 expert speakers and 6 streams covered in the conference program with varied topics as Energy Efficiency, New Technologies and Smart Grid with “Internet
of Energy” of Things.

On making businesses more energy efficient, Kaushik Sridhar from KPMG highlighted many opportunities for demonstrating the value proposition and business buy in for environmental sustainability within an organisation through innovation, adopting business disruptions and achieving significant cost savings. Kathryn Lucas- Healey from Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning reviewed various project-based activities in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme.

A panel discussion on “Encouraging new energy innovation in a consumer driven market” was chaired by Stefan Jarnason from Solar Analytics. The panel reviewed the current technological developments and innovations that are fuelling the energy sector.

One of the key themes from the panel discussion was on the developments in technology, especially in solar power and modularisation, that are shaping the energy sector. The second emerging theme was how energy sharing with distributed assets is creating a new shared economy, with the potential to disrupt the well-established world of energy retailers. The third theme focused on how “Computing” is really getting cheaper and enabling this distributed and shared economy.

Another session on Smart Grids was chaired by Dr Adrian Panow from Deakin Energy that reviewed latest development in Data, Analytics and the “Internet of Energy” of Things.

Dr Shama Naz Islam, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Deakin University highlighted how the Internet of Things has the potential to change the Smart Grid leveraging developments in analytical capabilities and intelligent decision making at different levels in the distributed network.

We are in the midst of a period of unprecedented growth in the renewable energy and significant changes in the energy industry as a whole. The All-Energy exhibition and conference provided a great opportunity to network and learn about innovations and current developments in this important segment of the Australian economy.